Opera Omnia Alberione

Don Giacomo Alberione,  WOMAN ASSOCIATED WITH PRIESTLY ZEAL, Scritta nel 1915, Anno Edizione presente: 2001, Pagine 304, in inglese - Destinatario: Famiglia Paolina - Medium: Testo.

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Parte: HIRD PART - HOW THE PRIEST CAN TRAIN AND LEAD WOMEN IN THEIR MISSION -  Capitolo: HEADING XI - ZEAL IN PRACTICE Paragrafo: Remedies - programs -  Pag.: 269-270 - Num.: 328  

has to first of all establish among the excelling women a local committee of the Union of Catholic Women in Italy. Cultivating it with every diligence, it will be easy that out of it and for the persons who make it up, all the rest of the work would be conceived and accomplished under the guidance of the parish priest.
7.13 It is not generally difficult to understand the need of local work: it can be seen, it can be felt, it can be touched. What comports some difficulty, however, is to understand the urgency of work on the national and also international levels. And yet it has to be seriously thought of: general interests should precede the particular ones: many local works could not be promoted effectively without some conditions on the national level. How can the whole work regarding the young have good results if, having passed the administration of the elementary schools of the State, they would send us teachers who are not religious? How can preaching have good effects if, with the spread of bad press, our listeners would read errors every day? With this: comes the urgency of joining the national movement, and for some works also the international movement.
The general directorate of the Catholic Action,14 composed of the heads of the different branches, the Popular Union, the Electoral Union,15 Catholic Youth, Union of Catholic women, etc., studies, in

13 The original Italian DA has 5.
14 The Italian Catholic Action [Azione cattolica italiana (ACI)] was the national organization of the Catholic laity for special and direct collaboration with the hierarchical apostolate of the Church. When this organization was born towards the middle of the 1800, the conditions of Catholicism in Italy were especially difficult.
15 The Unione elettorale cattolica italiana (The Italian Catholic Electoral Union) was an organization formed after the suppression of the Opera dei Congressi following the encyclical Il fermo proposito of Pio X (11 June 1905) and at the tempering of the non expedit, in order to coordinate and direct the Catholic forces during electoral competitions wherein they were called to participate.
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